Trump’s Bad Pick for U.S. EPA Administrator: Help ELPC Action Fund Fight Back

A note from ELPC Action Fund Executive Director Howard Learner:

President-elect Trump announced that he will nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the next Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The ELPC Action Fund is concerned that, if confirmed, Mr. Pruitt would set back progress in improving environmental quality and undermine efforts to protect clean air for people to breathe and safe water for people to drink. He does not share the American public’s strong environmental values.

Please consider making a special contribution to support the ELPC Action Fund’s emergency strategic advocacy before the U.S. Senate that will consider the nomination of Mr. Pruitt. He is not the right leader for our nation’s Environmental Protection Agency.

As Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt sued the EPA to block national standards that would improve public health by reducing coal plants’ mercury, arsenic and other toxic pollution. He joined lawsuits challenging EPA standards to cut smog that can cause asthma attacks. He sued to stop EPA actions to protect our wetlands and streams. In short, he has attempted to block the EPA from doing its best job to protect clean air and clean water.

In 2014, Oklahoma AG Pruitt sent the EPA a letter asserting that the agency was overestimating the air pollution from drilling for natural gas. It turned out the “three-page letter was written by lawyers for Devon Energy, one of Oklahoma’s largest oil and gas companies, and was delivered to him by Devon’s chief of lobbying,” as reported by the New York Times. The story named Mr. Pruitt near the center of a “secretive alliance” among energy firms, other corporations and state prosecutors working to weaken environmental protections.

President-elect Trump should not name as EPA Administrator someone whose record shows that he supports crippling the EPA’s effectiveness in protecting cleaner air and cleaner water.

This is the time for emergency action and rapid response for environmental protection. The ELPC Action Fund will step up our lobbying with the U.S. Senate on Mr. Pruitt’s nomination. We will fight back against attempts to weaken important clean air and clean water protections. We need your special support at this vital time. Please donate now.

America should keep moving forward with bipartisan efforts for cleaner air and cleaner water. We should accelerate clean energy solutions to climate change problems and preserve vital natural resources such as the Great Lakes. This is the time to move forward, not backwards.

Please join us in meeting the challenges ahead. Please support the ELPC Action Fund’s emergency strategic advocacy by making a special contribution today. Thank you for considering special support at this pivotal time.

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