EPA’s Replacement of the Clean Water Rule Takes Away Important Protections for Midwest Community Rivers, Wetlands and Streams

Last week, the Trump Administration weakened Clean Water Act protections for vital community streams, brooks and wetlands across the country.  These streams and brooks provide drinking water, wildlife and fish habitat and recreational enjoyment for millions of American.  These wetlands filter pollution, protect our communities from flooding, and likewise provide key wildlife and fish habitat. Not to mention, polling shows us the people strongly support doing more to protect our safe clean water resources, not less.

Bottom line: safe, clean water benefits everyone and is a basic human need.

The Trump administration has weakened protections and created unjustified exemptions for pipeline operators, fossil fuel companies and others. They don’t deserve special treatment or exemptions.

Enough is enough. Call on the Trump Administration to stop its attack on stop its attack on safe, clean water!



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