About the ELPC Action Fund

The ELPC Action Fund is an advocacy organization working to protect the Midwest’s environment and natural resources.

The ELPC Action Fund creates policy and political change to achieve clean energy, clean transportation and climate change solutions in the Midwest and Great Plains.  We are working to transform the Midwest from a center of climate change problems, to a center for solutions that creates jobs, economic growth and a cleaner environment.

As we face unprecedented partisan and ideological challenges to protecting clean air and public health and keeping toxic pollution out of the air we breathe and water we drink, the ELPC Action Fund is seizing important strategic opportunities to create win-win solutions for a healthier environment and a stronger economy.

Contact ELPC Action Fund at 312-795-3720 or action@elpcactionfund.org

Contributions to the Action Fund are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution or business expense because they fund hard-hitting electoral and lobbying work. Information about your contribution may be made available publicly or to the IRS.